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Boldenone Undecylenate Everything about (Equipoise)

Boldenone Undecylenate grandfather of all steroids was initially patented back in the late 40s. This drug is used by men and even women in low doses. It’s a drug so versatile it’s used for bulking and cutting. We’ll see why in this article. I’ll discuss the incredible history of this compound through its various manufacturers adding up as a vet-only drug pretty quickly back in the day. We’ll talk about the limited medical uses and then we’ll talk about the aspect that’s so important for this article and what I do about the incredible side effects of this specific drug, not only from the books that are read but from the thousands of anecdotal histories that I’ve heard from so many men that have trusted me over the years with their health and coming to me as the number one steroid expert.

Boldenone Undecylenate History

The incredible history of the horse steroid equipoise, the parent compound is called Boldenone. It’s one of the oldest anabolic steroids patented back in by Seba in 1949.

Boldenone during that period, this manufacturing pharmaceutical company experimenting, adding different ester tails to it and changing it to make it an ester to have it release pharmacologically longer acting to be used medically for humans and in the 1960s. No, this was out there for a very limited time and by the end of the 1970s, it was discontinued for human consumption.

The reason was at that time that the experts and the manufacturers thought there were other steroids, anabolic steroids that were better for human consumption, as my other videos have discussed at that time. Then purchased in the 1970s by Squibb.

Introduced into the world market as a veterinarian agent called equipoise still equipoise, further interesting history as it’s transpired through the years with this agent, 1985 Solvay Labs purchased and then Wyeth Labs purchases in the 1980s.

Medical Use of Equipoise

Medical uses for humans, for equipoise, as I mentioned, we’re very limited in a very short period versus other steroids. Interestingly enough, of course, the medical uses were the same. It was for disease-related Kaktovik waisting states to increase lean tissue in humans, certainly for osteoporosis, interestingly enough, in women and stage in worse osteoporosis. And again, during that period, the powers to be realized that this is not good medicine for humans and it was discontinued. And that brings up the veterinarian market. Now in the veterinary market, it’s used widely for horses.

Incredible. And the anecdotes for what it does, I’ve heard from horse owners and horse trainers that this medicine, this drug steroid is incredible. It makes the horse feel better. The horse wants to race. I’ve heard this. It’s incredible. Increases the appetite also on the horse.

Structural Pharmacology of Boldenone

It’s a derivative of testosterone. To very early derivative of testosterone.

Well, before Dianabol.

The change chemically to testosterone is only a double bond between carbon one and carbon two. Now, that’s Volda, known to make Bolaven own undecillion. There is a further modification by adding a carboxylic acid ester called on Destil Nowack acid to the 17 beedi hydroxyl group.

Boldenone Undecylenate Half-life

Equipoise is a very long-acting agent and this is one of the unique properties of this anabolic steroid that the steroid users and those in the world know of this agent, its peak, the concentration will be certainly extended versus testosterone several days. More importantly and more interesting enough, the half-life of this drug is very, very long, very long, 14-21 days. I’ve even seen experts say it could be even up to 28 days in half-life, much longer than just how strong derivative esters, which are about six to eight days.

Boldenone Undecylenate and Dianabol

This is a very interesting piece, what I’m going to share next, Boldenone Undecylenate is a known molecule structure that is identical to Dianabol, absolutely identical. The only difference.
There is a 17 beta ester for Boldenone Undecylenate making an oily injectable based steroid intramuscular versus the oral agent of Dianabol, where you have a 17 alpha calculation group, that’s the only difference.

Boldenone Undecylenate Side effects

Most important and the greatest warnings that I give to people in the world that are using these drugs. Always be careful.

The estrogenic aspects of this drug, because Balde, known as the double bind between carbon and one according to this, makes it less. An androgenic and atherogenic. The molecule, it’s known to be the mildly estrogenic drug, actually, half as estrogenic as testosterone. Now they’ll still be gynecomastia and water loading and there’ll be mood changes. The fact is that.

The estrogenic aspects of this drug, because Boldenone, known as the double bind between carbon one and carbon two according to this, makes it less. An androgenic and atherogenic. The molecule, it’s known to be the mildly estrogenic drug, actually, half as estrogenic as testosterone. Now they’ll still be gynecomastia and water loading and there’ll be mood changes. The fact is that.

Equipoise increases the levels of testosterone. This is known, this is something that’s been known Test and EQ use commonly together and when they use equipoise, it’s thought to increase the delivery or the levels of testosterone.

Now with that, you’ll increase off the carrier sex binding globulin hormone and get liberation of more free testosterone. So it’s the testosterone used with equipoise because equipoise is rarely used alone, that you’re going to see the estrogenic effects of testosterone that could be worsened by the use or exacerbated by the use and the addition of equipoise.

I’ve heard this anecdotally for many, many, many years now. That dependence is certainly man to man, and it’s based on the genetics of the man. Some men are high, aromatase or some men are fewer aromatase users. Again, this is what I see. It’s called fingerprint medicine. Every man is different. Certainly, selective estrogen receptor modulators and aromatase inhibitors are used with this combination classically because it’s really a classic combination of testosterone with equipoise test EQ, it just rolls off the tongue. When I hear the history men come in, test IQ, androgenic side effects, it’s less androgenic than testosterone and in part Boldenone own itself will reduce to die hydro Boldenone owned by five alpha reduce days. But this is minimal activity. It’s known to have minimal, minimal consequences.

Androgenic Side Effects

But again, as I stated before, with the estrogenic effects, testosterone, equipoise are commonly used together.

  • Acne
  • Male pattern baldness
  • Prostate symptoms
  • Suppression of the hypothalamus
  • Hypogonadism ( pituitary gonad axis leading to anabolic steroid-induced)

Red Blood cells

Unique side effects of equipoise known to increase the red blood cells. Everyone knows this equipoise, deca Durabolin, testosterone increase the red blood cells. It’s called polycythemia. The process that leads and causes polycythemia is a process called urethra psychosis. That process, in part, if not in the main part, is because of the steroid’s increase erythropoietin or steroids caused this. So when you have an increased circulation of erythropoietin in your body, your stem cells, your bone will respond and you get an increase in red blood cell mass. That’s called the psychosis leading to secondary polycythemia from androgens.

Equipoise effect on appetite

The other unique side effect of equipoise is there’s certainly an increase in appetite with this drug, again over standard steroids or anabolic steroids for men are going to increase appetite. And imagine for women as well, they’re going to hit that central nervous system, limbic region and you’re going to have an increased appetite drive. That’s one of the reasons why anabolic steroids help people gain weight and increase lean muscle tissue. It obviously works in the muscle-skeletal sight, but it also works to increase calories. That’s why they use it for the vet, the veterinarian reasons.

There’s going to be a potential like any anabolic steroid man per man and dose-dependent and time-dependent on LVMH, which is growing the actual venerable wall, what happens over years of using these drugs, including just testosterone and possibly too much and not being managed well, is your heart enlarges. That gets big. That’s great to have nice skeletal muscle. It’s great. That’s not great to have in large steroids that will cause left ventricle hypertrophy. I see it every day. Now, please be careful.

And with this, I close the history of equipoise. Please.

You have to understand what you’re doing to yourself. You have to understand that if you’re going to do steroids, sure, there’s going to be some great things. There are some great feeling that you’re going to love and you’re going to get great effects on who doesn’t want to be big and strong. Your mind will feel great for a period. It may not feel great after a period. You may do irreversible damage to your heart into your kidney. Please be careful.

I hope this helps everyone in the world.

I look forward to bringing in more cool and interesting articles just like this in the future. Stay strong and healthy.


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