Bro-science Bodybuilding

The Biggest Bro-Science Mistakes in Bodybuilding

Getting drugs from underground facilities rather than real pharmacies. This is not a way to support steroids. This will be the most common bro-Science mistake. What bro-science guys tell me is that they can see his mistakes. Underground labs in the United States import raw materials from overseas in kilograms. It is crazy. 

According to the men who told me, it looks like whole powder of Coke or similar. You’re getting the powder depending on how much you buy. There’s no doubt that it can be contaminated. They can’t be the drug that you believe it to be. It may be possible if they believe it’s an AVR. There are many complications involved in this. I don’t claim to be a bro-science chemist. But I do hear from you guys. As I conduct consultations around the globe, I spoke to you guys. This is where it all comes from. 

Bro-science Bodybuilding

It’s my ears and my eyes listening to you guys around the world telling me this stuff. It can also be contaminated. It can contain dangerous substances like heavy metals. In these cases, it is often overdosed or underdosed. Or, it may be mixed with other drugs. This is what’s underground. 

Now. Because I don’t think this guy is giving me any advice, it will be in real pharmacies overseas. Mostly in state-run facilities. These countries will be located in Asia, Central, South, and Eastern Europe. America doesn’t take steroids. I don’t mean testosterone, Anavar or Deca Durabolin. But these are real steroids. These are manufactured, and these are the best drugs ever created. These are either state-run pharmacies or manufacturing grade pharmacies. They are facilities that can actually make some of the drugs. 

The fourth place is where I see the most medical mistakes. This includes checking labs, performing your lab, and having it reviewed by a non-expert doctor or guru. 

Again, I’m not here to slam the gurus. 

This is not the purpose of this blog. This is how I see it. It’s not like a traditional doctor. That’s why I created Although I am still seeing patients, my admissions are on a rolling basis. Console’s are something I love to do around the globe a few days per week. So I’ll keep doing it. 

However, I cannot take all of these patients. If you need medical information, you can’t get it from me. However, if you have questions about steroids, you can use the app to access medical information. 

What’s happening when you check your labs? 

Here are the bro-science mistake that I see men make when they check a CBC and end up with incorrect information. The CBC isn’t able to fully comprehend the information because the guru, or someone who looks at the lab, doesn’t understand it. He is not the hematologist he was trained. He does not look at Iran studies. Second, you’re dealing with androgen-induced. This is where testosterone and steroids are used to increase red blood cell count. This can cause strokes and can prove to be very dangerous for men. Hypercoagulable states on either the venous or arterial sides can lead to poor pulmonary embolisms or heart attacks. A stroke or heart attack can also cause retinal occlusions, headaches, blurred vision, and other complications. 

It is important to know your family history in order to prevent hereditary hemochromatosis. Iron studies are essential. Get a CVC to get the iron studies. It will look at total iron and iron saturation ferritin. This is how I do it. This is how I work for my patients, one by one. This is how you see it. If you flip optimize, you’re going to make it worse, paradoxic anemia with iron studies, or just plain anemia. Then you’ll feel horrible. This is something I see every day. The next comprehensive metabolic panel is for guys. It includes basic metabolic examinations of the liver and kidneys. If you feel that you are correct, you can take creatine supplements.

You might be dehydrated. To confirm, get a stat and do a urinalysis. You need to be very careful if you have protein trace protein or more than one in your urine. Early-onset kidney disease can result from steroids. Amanda is susceptible genes. Hypertensive people who eat too much protein should be careful. You can also check your blood pressure. You should consult a nephrologist in this situation. You want to see a nephrologist who has lipids. You need to see what is happening in the world of bodybuilders. 

Are they increasing their attacks? 

Is it possible that they are not using steroids to cause it? 

You guys, get real. It all depends on how much risk you are willing to take. Guys who aren’t on steroids can have heart attacks This is a common feature. Blood pressure is something you should always check. 

A lipidologist, such as Dr. Nolan or a cardiologist, can help you to determine if your echocardiogram coronary calcium score has been checked. You really want to know this stuff. The app provides all of this information. You can access it all at your convenience. It’s private membership, so it won’t give you any medical advice. It will give you all the tools you need to understand your body. This is my view, from 1000s of patients. And it also directs you to where you should go. It’s okay for your heart, for your liver and kidneys. The last part of this is urinary problems. Steroids can cause prostate enlargement, even in your 30s. 

I have only seen a handful of cases. BPH and symptoms of lower urinary tract dysfunction are terrible. 35-45-55 is the age you should be. It’s not just for guys. You want to make sure your prostate is large and healthy. A great urologist will not perform surgery. He’ll do a digital rectal exam, determine your size, look at studies and determine if you have enlarged prostates. You can use the Euro lift to avoid getting onboard prematurely if your prostates are closed. It’s not going to be easy. You want to go to your doctor for the test. I have it set up for you. In the third position, you can check estrogen with two different labs total estrogen and ultra-sensitive Astra dial. This is a secret because I only recently learned it. I use attract total hormone just total estrogen since it mostly is Aster dial. It can be contaminated, at least in the American labs. You can see 4000 numbers. These huge numbers. Then, there are the guys who use huge amounts of aromatase inhibitors just to lower that number. They’re ruining their health and their mood. They feel terrible. They are feeling terrible because they’re seeing a lot of estrogen. This is a mistake in the third place. If you’re interested in ultra sensitive Astra diodes and mass spectroscopy, then you need to check that Ms. Guys, I am not an expert on lab techniques.

sure you get the proper ultra sensitive Astro dial. The Astro dial will allow you to see how much testosterone you need. Aromatase inhibitors are not something I like. They are not something I want to be using regularly. We use some of these, but not often. What are you using it for? What is this going to do for your long-term health, your mood, and your sex? I’m sure you guys told me it wasn’t recommended. This is not something you should do. Be careful. It is unnecessary to test your estrogen, but I do so for my patients every day because they know they need it. We do use it and make adjustments. Okay. 

The second is estrogen running an aromatase inhibitor, or Tamoxifen Astro genic symptoms, mainly Gynecomastia, when on steroids or TRT. Low dose testosterone can be variable. My patients take 100mg of testosterone every seven days, four days max, or twice a week Max. That’s a lot estrogen conversion, guys. That’s why I am referring to running the AI and the Tamoxifen. They are both anti-estrogens. If you didn’t notice, you can run if your body is on testosterone or steroids. This is very similar to the PCT stuff you can get if you started from the beginning. It might work because if you are chronically suppressing aromatization in the system, then you may be chronically suppressing asteroid Bible production.

Is it worth the effort? 

Is it worth the effort? 

What are the side effects of creating these drugs? 

This is what I have seen over the years, men.

If you have a history of depression, It is not your fault. It’s not your fault. It’s going to affect your mood, even baby doses. And again, you’re checking the ultra-sensitive Astra dial. It’s not total estrogen. You are combining it hopefully with a doctor. Will it affect your sex tendon ruptures. Strong men are not made up of two people. I care for the largest men in the world, powerlifters and strong men. The eyeless body butter bodybuilders gave up on me. I don’t give a blessing to their crazy drug use. 

Sorry guys. But I have real men who come to my door all the time, whether they are amateur or professional bodybuilders, powerlifters or not. No powerlifter and no strong man. For the few exceptions, they don’t use AI like Tamoxifen. They won’t. They don’t want to cause a rupture of the tendons. These drugs can dry out the skin, so they are called apis. I’m giving all, and I’m bleeding it out to you guys. Next is the use of these API’s for cardiac disease. There is no data on women who used these drugs, but there are a lot of data. Aromatase inhibitors are like a rim modaks. This is how you can track your electro-soul’s use of these drugs for many years. It can have adverse effects on your heart, guys. HDL, which is your good cholesterol, can be destroyed. You’ve already reduced your good cholesterol if you’re taking testosterone. Steroids can make your good cholesterol even lower. HDL Guys, pay attention. Their family history is mine. You need to be cautious if you have a family history of coronary artery disease. This isn’t bullshit. Don’t forget about steroids. Steroids will cause you to have a lot of problems.

It’s great. It’s like I want to take steroids. I would love to. I am not only a testosterone, but I am very concerned about my cardiac health. That’s it guys. These API’s are for chronic hypertension. This is a medical Mistake. This is a bro-science mistake. 

So what are you going to do with the dope? 

If it’s for gynecomastia keep the doses low. Seek out a plastic surgeon. You guys should go to a plastic surgeon. They can be a great surgeon and not just a general surgeon. I love general surgeons. These guys are miracle workers, my God. These guys are indispensable. But they will not only help you when you need them, as a general surgeon is likely to perform something similar, and most people would even like to do it. If they do the surgery, it looks like an ice cream scooper. It was right under your nose. They are easily sucked in. You want to find a top-notch plastic surgeon. You can search for plastic surgery in America or anywhere else in the world by typing in male gynecomastia, and then look through the reviews to find out what other doctors have said about them. Keep the dosages low, guys. Don’t use aromatase inhibitors or tamoxifen. Tamoxifen is used to treat gynecomastia. It doesn’t block estrogen. This is amazing bro-science. But it will affect it. I have seen blood clots but so many patients. It’s not a bias, I have seen so many patients. So, I have seen blood clots. nolvadex. Be careful. Be careful with the Astro dreck. Keep the use of genic drugs to a minimum and keep the number of cycles under control. Reduce body fat. These are the ways to view aromatization. Okay, let’s get started. 

The number one bro-science error that I do not see is men taking steroids believing that post-cycle therapy will ensure natural testosterone recovery after using sarms. Listen to me, guys. I console young men all week with you sarms, and now he is quiet. It’s so common for me to see it guys. This video is for young men who are researching and have not used steroids or sarms. Be careful. It’s not worth it. You don’t care if you get on testosterone, blasting, and cruising. You think that I don’t mind it. Boom. It’s your choice. You will be shut down if you can understand this. This term is used to describe sex, which you guys don’t like. It’s waiting at the base for it to return. It’s the same as when you started feeling good. If you are depressed, you won’t feel happy. Half of the country, if not more, has had some form of depression in the past. I’ve also had anxiety, people. These people are not your everyday people, and these drugs will affect your mood. You guys, I am telling the truth. I feel tired after doing this. I can’t get my energy back. This is the main thing that sex affects moods. energies affected. Variability is a thing, guys. You may return with a PCT if you cycle. There is no data. 

Today, there is no evidence to support the traditional PCT regimen. It’s tamoxifen and Clomid. 

There are also eyes that can be found to retrieve the hypothalamus and pituitary-gonadal. However, there is no data. All it takes is self-experience and experimentation. It’s worth the effort to reflect on this. Take a break, and then think. It works for some men. There’s no question doc. I completed my PCT. I do my site. It works great for doctor. I wait until I get off. I do my PCT feel great. Go back on. This is because if you keep doing more and more cycles, it will become more difficult to make it work. I am just being honest with you guys.

Some men claim it works. But is it really just the fact that they’ve coming off and they’re such a nervous system, hypothalamus-pituitary is reconnecting with the testicles. This is what I believe. Is it simply returning on its own? Or is there a sustained period of time where the PCT is actually marking the waters? 

I have told you guys in consultations that your brain needs to be awakened to the low tea. So it wakes up hypothalamus-pituitary comes alive and start sending out Lh and FSH testigos receptors, the Leydig cells Sertoli cells up Siemens production comes back takes a while it takes a few months and full weeks at least. 

Your testosterone is also being returned to your brain endogenously through your testicles. It’s now circulating from your brain and not from the exogamous sites from steroids. Now you’re running on your own again. Guys, this is the most important thing. Let me tell you straight. My view is that the most important thing is the length of the steroids cycles back in the days. It was 6-8 weeks. It took six to eight weeks. It was only six to eight weeks. Although we don’t have any research, I was there back then. Six to eight weeks, maybe more, maybe 12. They were able to take a break when they started doing it. They came out great. They did bounce back, and I assumed they were young. There will always be a law. This is the withdrawal potential when you stop taking steroids. You guys know that it’s true. We have blasting and cruise because men don’t want any shame after they stop taking steroids. 

Their PCT. You can feel better if you take PCT, guys. Is it possible to restore testosterone’s endogenous production? Nobody knows. It doesn’t seem to me. It’s great for fertility. You can make a joke Doc. If you want to become fertile, HCG is your best option, guys. It’s not tamoxifen or aiis, it’s HCG. Is that going to delay the restoration stage? It’s worth it. Keep the dosages low and limit the number of doses. Use common sense. Keep the horse drug trend. This is the Android world’s deal. This is what I came up with. I got this idea from talking with so many of you over the years. There are three types of drugs in the androgen and steroid world: there’s testosterone, steroids, and tread tread. It works great, you’ll get huge and powerful and be a beast. Side effects can be very, very strong. It’s amazing to see how some of you guys do it. Your daily train intake is 300mg per week. You’ll also feel the night sweats, the anger in the different you know the trend cough, and all other side effects of trend sex trading. Although sex trading is often very profitable, what goes up will eventually come down. Trends are dangerous. It’s obvious that any steroids cycle will shut you down.

What is the PCT? 

Is it worth it What about you guys? 

Do you think it is worth it? 

You have to consider that.

you’re doing your research. Is it worth the effort? This is the most important bro-science mistake that I have seen. You even use steroids. You’re such a smart guy. All my information is available for you, here and forever. We are grateful.

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