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Sustanon 250 Cycle for Bodybuilding [2021]

Sustanon 250, is a classic king of testosterone in the world. There’s no question this testosterone esters blend is classic, is a bulking anabolic steroid used by bodybuilders, powerlifters, any man who just wants to get big and strong. This is definitely not a cutting drug. It’s also been used historically for decades by athletes for cheating and this is the number one most commonly used testosterone replacement Ester Mix in the world outside of America.

Why it’s not in America.

Let’s start right off the history of Sustanon 250 brought to the international markets in the 1970s by Organon International. These are big pharmaceutical companies, remember, organized, responsible for bringing us all oral forms of testosterone. Sustanon 250, came into the market in the 1970s to offer a therapeutic advantage over the existing esters that we had for TRT.

Testosterone propionate, cypionate and enanthate. Let’s take a look at the details of exactly what makes up Sustanon 250 classic esters that the chemist put together back in that time testosterone propionate 30 mg, testosterone phenylpropionate 60 mg, testosterone isocaproate 60 mg, and testosterone decanoate 100 mg for a total of 250 milligrams. Sustanon 250.

Sustanon 250 sustainable and from Organon, Sustanon sustainable, from Organon, that’s in the streets, what I’ve learned from my patients as the animal doc over decades, people have told me this. Let’s go back and look at these esters independently. Why this drug is so phenomenal and so unique. They realized that properness to short-acting, too many injections and at that time they realized that in that they incipient were basically bioidentical in half-life in action, that they can do better and they would want to deliver a drug that has short, intermediate-acting esters. So propionate, very short-acting needs to inject it, though every couple of days then testosterone phenylpropionate is a little bit longer-acting than the standard propionate, adding a phenyl group just slightly to delay it a little bit. So now they’re breaking it down. 

Testosterone decanoate awaits the 100-milligram portion here, which is the biggest portion of this mix of esters, is the classic drug. This is the longest-acting ester that can be given every three weeks. This was never marketed and none of these were marketed except for testosterone, probably in America. And this was marketed as a veterinarian steroid in Mexico and the classic amazing history is this is the company and the steroid that went down in 2005 with the Fed operation. I love history. I love to present it to you guys. So the details are incredible on the chemistry of this. It looks like the perfect after mix. 

So does it really work? And do we have studies on this? 


We actually do not.

we don’t have it in America. 

And I’ll review that history a little bit later here.

But if you look at the anecdotal histories from men that use this drug, men swear by this drug, this is for TRT, not to mention steroid use. They feel this drug makes them feel better. And the central nervous system, it’s more bioavailable, not to mention the dose every week classically once a week. It’s all history. Sustanon 250 Middle week I heard that for decades.

Also, microdoses men feel better too. Now, this is where the amazing feature comes in that why would this be better than Micro Doses of cypionate and enanthate.

When I look at micro-dosing of my patients with cypionate and enanthate, we look at peak, we look at troughs, we look at total free testosterone. It’s quite predictable that with esters the free portion of testosterone is going to be slightly higher. There’s no question. And for that value in that reason alone, the man feels better. Such a nervous system is stimulated on this and does feel better now. The peaks and troughs are absolutely so important and every man’s chemistry is so unique. And this is where I think I figured it out. But of course, I want comments here, guys. I want to discuss this and I’d love to have a real biochemist and biological guys. And even if we can get some chemists that produce steroids, real chemists that know this, I’d love to see some discussion here. When a man injects esters of testosterone into his body, it is just for delivery. The long, waxy extra tail is to slow down delivery because the oil-water doesn’t mix and everyone knows this chemical property. That’s what they take advantage of with the waxy faster tails. Every man has different enzymes throughout his body. Of course, everywhere in the body, in the central nervous system, throughout the body, it can be different. And he has cleaving enzymes that liberate that testosterone off the carrier into the free state. And it goes through the specific cell and has its targets. Such a nervous system and a muscle.

This is how it works now. In a man, there is no way to measure in a complete sense what’s really happening, so you have to look at anecdotal scenarios.

If you just measure total free testosterone on different esters, they can be high, they can be low, they could look great. But men say they feel better on this. So for some reason. My feeling is that this mix of pastors for some men is just so complete for them, and it’s possible that because it’s so many pastors and just the right combination of pastors provides the central nervous system with a great feel because it’s changing because you have so many pastors and they’re all on their different times and they’re cleaving Astros in the pharmacokinetics.

Is that in the brain? 

There’s always change. Remember, when you want to have a great effect in life, you will maintain a status quo is not good. Changing the body responds to every change. So maybe it’s because of this. This is just the stuff that I think about. No one knows it’s going to be so hard to really determine what’s different about these asters. When you look in labs and the total testosterone, the free will be the same depending on micro-dosing with the standard esters Cipinang in an AP.

So we’ll never know. But there’s no question that men swear by it. And I would love to use this in America, but I can’t. This is the number one TRT Ester in the world. My patients abroad in the UK mainly. This is their drug of choice from doctors, not in America. Why I thought about it. And let’s go back in history. So in the 1970s when Organon was marking this, Organon is a company, a Dutch company, not an American company, and originally 1970s. And when Sustanon 250 came into the market to improve on the current, cypionate and enanthate. So look at America. What was going on in the 1970s in America toasters were marketed here and I assume were selling quite well. Distasio Ananth eight DAFWA test aril and that Squibb. So that’s a big company. In other words, testosterone separates Depo testosterone. These are the brand names by Upjohn. Now imagine Organon wants to come into America and approach America and come into fads and go in through the application process. And because they feel that assassinator 50 is going to be a great drug, it’s better than the current asters and that there’s a good market in America for it, which of course, there probably would have been at that time, certainly is now. And what happens, they’re pushed out. It never made it politically. So that’s really it that happened to this drug must have happened, unfortunately, guys, it’s business and money, powerful features, and that’s just the truth.

So what do we have today in America?

We have generic SIMPONI innovative, which is what I use for my patients, and we microdots. And I think that’s very, very good. It can be great and men can feel great. We can combine in America probably with an intimate appropriate with or separate, because, again, those are federally allowed. They’re both generic, but we can compound those. Those are drugs that have been cleared here.

So that’s about all we have. And that’s it for this video. The amazing history of Sustanon 250, please. Good to have some comments going on, especially guys outside America.

And I do thank everyone so much. And I really hope this helps men in the world. Thank you so much.

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